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CIO Review Project ManagementMAG Softwrx featured as one of the 20 Most Promising Project Management Software Solutions CIO Review magazine has recognized MAG Softwrx and Timeless Project Tracking as one of the best Project Management software solutions

Try Timeless Time & Expense and Timeless Project Tracking FREE for 30 Days Try our software free for 30 days with no obligation or commitment

What's new in version 3 Learn about the new features of Timeless Time & Expense 3.

New product - Timeless Project Tracking Find out how Timeless Project Tracking helps you manage your projects.

Version 3 Upgrades Available Find out if you qualify for free or discounted upgrade.

Upgrade information for Personal users Important information for current users of Timeless Time & Expense Personal upgrading to version 3.

Upgrade information for Enterprise users Important information for current users of Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise upgrading to version 3.

Using Timeless Project Tracking Effectively Learn how to get the most from Timeless Project Tracking.

Starting to use Timeless Project Tracking If you've been using Timeless Time & Expense for some time, learn how to use the features of Timeless Project Tracking with your accumulated information.

Burndown Projection A vs. Projection B Learn about the differences in the two burndown projections in Timeless Project Tracking.

Using Anyone and User group assignments Learn the benefits to use Anyone and Group assignments