Upgrade information for Personal users

One version There are no longer distinct Personal and Enterprise versions of Timeless Time & Expense or Timeless Project Tracking 3.0.  Instead, you are given a choice during installation of operating in Personal or Enterprise mode.

Invoicing A new invoice management feature has been added to version 3.  Because of this change, the Invoice report is no longer available.  When upgrading, invoice reports are converted to un-posted invoices.  Invoices using a relative data range (Current Month, etc.) need to be edited to select specific dates.

Invoices are linked to specific work items.  You can find the converted invoices by going to the Invoice pane and selecting the work item that was selected in the original invoice.

Other changes In addition to the new features of version 3, some functionality has moved.  The Task properties of version 2.6 can now be found on the Plan pane.  With the addition of built-in reports, custom reports have moved to the Report pane.  The ability to choose columns on the Track pane is now done by pressing the columns button on the individual tabs.  System configuration items previously found on the Tools | Options menu item, and license information is now located under the Tools | Administration menu item.

Installing When installing, previous versions of Timeless Time & Expense are not removed.  You can remove them later using the Add/Remove programs.

There are two versions of the Windows installation. One that includes SQL Server 2005 Express and one that doesn't.  To use personal mode you should download the one without SQL Server 2005 Express.

Converting Version 3.0 can convert an existing Timeless *.tls data file to the new format.  During conversion, a new 3.0 database will be created. Your *.tls file will not be changed and can still be opened in the old version.  When you open the converted file, you will start with a 30-day trial of version 3.

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