Timeless Time & Expense

Timeless Time & Expense is time tracking software that gives you the flexibility to track your time and expenses in a way that works for you.  Rather than forcing you to track your time the way someone else thinks you should, Timeless Time & Expense allows you to model your time tracking and expense tracking the way you do business.  The software is easy and quick to use, so you can start tracking your time immediately.


For small to large organizations, project teams, consultants, professional services organizations (accountants, lawyers, graphic designers, engineers), and freelancersany organization that wants to accurately track their time & expenses, and have accurate costing information.

For Windows 8, 10 Desktop/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008/2012 and the Web.
Only $79 or less per user. No monthly or annual fees. 

  • Benefits
  • Quickly capture all your billable time using timers, manual entry or timesheet entry.
  • Easily capture all your billable costs with expenses and fixed costs.
  • Save time by adding multiple work items with assignments and estimates at once.
  • Track your time and costs as detailed or as simply as you choose.
  • Start using easily with the assurance it will grow  as your company and projects grow.
  • Obtain the detailed information you need to make accurate estimates.
  • Provide clients with the information they want using detailed or summary invoices.
  • Bill each client in your choice of currency.
  • Keep track of invoices with built-in invoice tracking.
  • Keep track of expenses with easy drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Track time and expenses in the office or anywhere in the world using the desktop and web interface for the same price.
  • Features
  • Work as an individual in Personal mode or with others in Enterprise mode.
  • Track and enter time using timer, manual entries with start & end or elapsed time, or timesheet.
  • Ability to assign work items with estimates and priorities.
  • Recent and Favorite lists to speed entry.
  • Per unit and specific amount expense types.
  • Invoice tracking and payment tracking.
  • Built-in reports for the most common report options.
  • Custom reports for your specific report needs.
  • Flexible report sharing.
  • Work item security to limit access to specific users.
  • Desktop reminder to track your time.
  • Desktop and web interfaces.

You can track your time using our web interface, Windows interface, or both.  Access your data from anywhere with the web and on Windows in the office if you chose - both for one price.

Whether you are using it for employee time tracking or tracking for just yourself, Timeless Time & Expense is easy-to-use, affordable, detailed time & expense tracking software that you and your employees will actually like! No other time management tool gives you the ability to track at a detailed level like Timeless Time & Expense. 

Download our 30-day free trial. There is no obligation to purchase or cancel if you decide you don't want itthough we are sure you will like it so much, you won't even need the full 30-day trial.

- tammy kolick,
CADD Edge, Inc.

- howard hayes,

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