Testimonials & Reviews

We receive many favorable comments from our customers telling us what they think of our products.  Here are just a few.

"What you have in Timeless is so excellent and useful -- so central to a business --...It's paid for itself so many times over...It's really a perfect program." - d.g., marketing consultant

"I am very grateful to have (finally) found a time tracking program that "thinks like me". Your product is truly awesome. It is so easy to jump from task to task with a simple mouse click. And the reports are so simple to create and use. It helps me a lot in my tax and accounting practice. I finally know what I'm getting for my time and effort. Thank you very much." - armando santiago

"You folks do an exceptional job supporting a great product." - mike mcdiarmid, Digital Goat Consulting Services

"I've been using Time & Expense for over 10 years. I own a small business that quite often invoices based on time and expense, so it's really not hyperbole when I say that your software is the best money I've ever spent. Easy to use, efficient interface, and great reporting make this software one that you CAN'T afford to be without. Thank you for a decade of helping me be profitable." - john dumez

"Our company used a lot of different Timeless Time and Expense versions. We started with a the single user version, went on the multi user windows and then to the web version. Currently we're running the web version of Timeless Project Tracking. We love the software because it's so easy to use but yet so powerful with a lot of customization and custom reporting. Support is very good and MAG Softwrx is always open to suggestions for enhancing the software." - arthur hefti

"I'm very enthused about the expanded report options. The reporting options in version 3 are by far the best I've seen. I have reviewed at least 7 or 8 time tracking programs and reporting is the weakest point in all of them. And yet without easy reporting, a time tracking program is useless." - harlen wiebe

"I just placed my order for two additional licenses. I've successfully converted my database and am running it in web mode on our personal web server. It is AWESOME! Kudos to you for such a great product. Your support has been excellent and I plan to keep adding licenses as my team grows." - tammy kolick, CADD Edge, Inc.

"I don't think I have ever been more pleased with any software purchase in the 40+ years I have been in the high tech business. The use interface is simple and nice to look at, the functionality is very straight forward and easy to use and it does what it's supposed to do. In my world that's the perfect trifecta. Nice job, keep up the good software building." - fred deaux, Deaux and Associates

"As a project manager, it is critical for me to have updated and accurate information from project team members, and Timeless Project Tracking provides an easy way to get that information. I especially love how the burndown chart reflects exactly where tasks and projects stand—and in a format that is so easy to see and use. This is an invaluable tool for any project manager!" - d. reichard, project management consultant

"I love Timeless Time & Expense - it helps me manage my billable vs administrative/non-billable time. It not only helps with billing and time on project, but I can see what my billable to administration time ratios are and set better targets to increase billable time and reduce the non-billable activities! " - katherine caughran, PSB Delegation Consulting Ltd.

"I have been using TT&E for almost 6 years now and love the fact it is easy to learn and easy to use as advertised. It has allowed me to track so many tasks within projects and allowed me to document back to my clients for status reports and to bill for all the work that I do !!!

No consultant or contractor should be without it, if you wish to get paid for all the work you do. The latest release 3 is filled with additional project tracking and reporting that we users have been waiting for and now here. You just can't find a better product for the price and features. " - ray moran - chief consultant, ISC, Inc.

"I needed an application like this. I downloaded it from www.download.com. I gave it a try. After 5 minutes I realized I would make a purchase. I waited the 30 day trial to get past the impulse buy. I used it pretty consistently thru the 30 days. Its great. Extremely easy to use - its embarrassing. Since I write software myself, I will no doubt be inspired by its simple user interface. Great Job." - j.w. -technical business consultant

"Thank you very much for your help. You folks are wonderful. I receive timely help and your program is the best thing that ever happened to time keeping and tracking outcomes. I work in the non-profit world and if you can't share your outcomes with others and back it up, you can't grow your program." - julie foster, executive director, Ravalli County Economic Development Authority

"Thanks so much for your help in the past few months. You’ve been very easy to work with and a treasure trove of info!!" - Marsha Wolfberg, consultant

"Magic! Many many thanks! This is such a well engineered product! You can tell everybody that from me! " - anton pinsloo

"Just want to say thank you. Been using it for years. Every day. " - tim howland, sr software engineer/project lead, Edgenet Inc.

"I've looked at a lot of software for time tracking and I think yours is one of the best, the concept is so simple yet very powerful. " - nigel davis, senior consultant

"Hi just dropping a note to tell you how happy I am with your time tracking software. I've been using it for years and it's one of the few pieces of software I own that is both productive and reliable. Well done !" - g.p., president

"I continue to be impressed with new features as I find them. Your product really works as I work as an independent consultant and I find it invaluable."  - john f murphy

"Timeless is an excellent product.   It is well designed, properly priced, effective, user friendly, reliable and provides good support.    I use it for recording my client chargeable time and printing time reports. " - maurice brandman, actuary, Brandman ACS

"Thank you so much for sticking with me on this. I’ve had so many problems lately with different vendors and problems. You are a great example of true customer service. I know it sounds like a small thing but it really means a lot. " - anita ford saunders, apr

"I'm very impressed by the power and ease-of-use of TT&E. It helps me track a variety of complex projects and develop detailed invoices that my clients really appreciate. The detailed reports and visibility they provide into how we spend time makes us more effective." - josh freedman, Web 1 Marketing, Inc.

"TT&E has been a great find. I don't know how many hours I've saved in tracking and invoicing my time spent on client projects"  - mark elliott, consultant

"I have tried several versions of time tracking software, some costing $300 to $400, and TT&E is the easiest, quickest, and most reliable of all that I have used.  It makes the task of tracking my time easier so I can focus on what I do that makes me money, instead of manually tracking my time and expenses.  My client likes it, too.  They can see the clock on my monitor and know I am tracking time accurately.  That keeps us both on the same sheet of paper.  Using your product on the client machine gives them a good feeling that they are being charged only for the time I actually spend on their project.  Your product rocks. "  - howard hayes, consultant

"I just wanted to add that this product is awesome! I have tried several and none of them come close to the functionality, usability, and stability of TT&E. I've never had it crash once, and I've been using it every day, all day for at least 7 months. I love how I can drag and drop entries and it just does what you'd expect it to do. Great job!"  - steven hatfield

"By the way... I REALLY REALLY like your product. It's a very well designed application." - liam kennedy

"What I was MOST impressed with was the assistance given to me EVEN THOUGH I wasn't a paying customer at that time. In today's world, you have to pay to get Support and you don't find that with Timeless Time & Expense. They ARE here when you need them! It's a program to go with!!!" - gina fischer, office manager

"Thanks for making it affordable. Otherwise, I would have been setting up the traditional spreadsheet for my expenses. This is too cool! I actually look forward to entering my data and receipts. " - sheryl raumann

"I registered TT&E because it seemed to do the job I needed, in a straightforward manner and at a reasonable price. I can't tell you how much your responsiveness has raised my estimation of MAG Softwrx, this program and - of course - my wisdom in choosing TT&E" - j.m.c., project manager/consultant

"Keep up the good work, a great little app that tracks my time perfectly" - t.c., operations manager

"I have spent countless hours looking for a software which is simple to use, yet effective in reporting expenses and have wasted some money in the process thinking I found what I wanted. I downloaded a demo of your software and was very impressed with the user interface, functionality and ease of use. I have purchased the software and find that it is money well spent." - e.l.w., owner

"Just have to say that I'm having a great time using this program! Have not run into any glitches yet :-) Out of all the software I deem critical to me, I would say first is Datacad (my CAD program), Timeless Multi User, and then Quickbooks Pro. There are other programs that are important, but not as critical as those I've listed. Thanks again!" - p.r.

"I have over 30 years experience as a software developer. I wrote my own TimeLog program about 10 years ago. I updated it and recompiled to 32 bit a couple of years ago. It is showing its age again and I thought I'd spend a couple of days re-writing it and adding some features. But I decided first to see what was available on the marketplace. Your stunning piece of software has everything I wanted to add to mine and a lot more. So why should I spend a couple of days (which would probably turn into a week) when I can get yours for less than an hour's worth of my time???  Thank you for a fine application." - a.d.

"I have used Time & Timeless for years now to keep track of my time spent on each project along with all of my expenses incurred to get the job done. Time & Timeless has made it easier to get an accurate billing statement to my clients so that I can collect on all monies due on the job. I can also keep track of all my time spent for each facet of the job, this gives me a reliable source, to formulate a more precise estimate of new jobs. I would recommend Time & Timeless to anyone who wants to improve on his or her estimations and time spent on each job." - p.c.d., owner

"Love your product. I have been using it for years. It's simple and easy to use." - mark wotawa, owner

Do you want to tell use how you feel about Timeless Time & Expense or Timeless Project Tracking?  Send us a comment.