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Do you have a sales question? Check below for answers to common questions or contact us using the form below. We offer a 30-day free trial so you can experiment with the software and set it up to work with your business needs.

To submit a question for sales support, please fill out the following questionnaire and press 'Submit Form'. If you are an existing customer and need technical support, please see our support page.

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Do you have quantity discounts? Yes, decrease your costs with multi-user discounts on Timeless Time & Expense and Timeless Project Tracking. To see the quantity discounts* available, see our purchase page.

Can I install the software on my laptop and desktop? Timeless Time & Expense and Timeless Project Tracking are sold by license; each license is for one active user. An active user is someone who is able to log into Timeless. Assuming the laptop and desktop are connected to the same network, the user can install the software on both--the same database will be used for both.

Are there maintenance/annual fees? How long is the license valid? We do not charge a maintenance or annual fee. When you purchase your license, you can use the software however long you want.

Can I add more licenses/users? Yes, Timeless makes it easy to add new users. Please keep in mind that each order is separate, though, and quantity discounts are not cumulative.

Do you have video tutorials? Yes, to learn more about our products, please see the video tutorials.

* Discounts apply to a single order. They are not cumulative across orders. An active user is a user who has been made active by an administrator and be used within Timeless.

If you lost your registration, please submit the lost license form for an immediate response.