Burndown Projection A vs. Projection B

One of the status dashboard items available in Timeless Project Tracking is the Burndown Projection. This status items shows a burndown chart and two projections of how the work item may progress.

Both projections look at how the work is progressing and chart towards the possible complete dates. However, they use different methods which are appropriate in different situations.

Projection A Projection A looks at the actual time being worked and uses that only to project the complete date. The projection assumes the project will go according to plan for the duration. This means it does not project items that go over estimate, estimates changes or work on already completed items. Projection A is usually the most optimistic of the two.

Projection B Projection B looks at how the work item is actually progressing. Items that go over estimates, estimate changes and work on completed items all impact when work will be complete. Projection B takes this into account when projecting the complete date. Because of this, projection B is can vary greatly depending on recently activity. If all estimates are increased or new items are added, it will take some time of normal work to have a reasonable projection using this method. However, near the end, this method can be more accurate as it is a more accurate representation. Using a greater degree of task decomposition and timely updates to estimates will make projection B more useful than projection A.

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