Using Timeless Project Tracking Effectively

Introduction Timeless Project Tracking was designed to provide useful information even if you provide only a minimal amount of information.  For example, it will show your project status, burndown rate, historical snapshots, projected finish and more.  Of course, the more information you provide, the better it will track your project.

Logging time and expenses By just logging time and expenses, you receive a lot of useful information.  In addition to using the built-in and custom reports, you can configure the status dashboard to provide a historical snapshot using the time and expenses you've recorded.   Using the status dashboard, you can stay on top of your projects and monitor time, billing and expenses using Cumulative Time, Time Summary, Billing Summary by User, Expense Summary by Expense Type or any of the many other status dashboard items.

Adding assignments and estimates When you assign work items and add estimates, Timeless Project Tracking can provide more useful information on the status dashboard, and it can identify risks to your project.  By adding estimates, you can use the status dashboard to monitor your progress with dashboard items such as Burndown Projected, Burndown vs Actual Time and Time Estimate vs. Actual.  The status risks tab will alert you to items that are over estimates and items that may not complete on time or on budget.

Updating assignments With any project, there are things that don't go according to the initial plan.  Timeless Project Tracking provides an easy way to update all your assignments quickly.  With the My Assignments tab, team members can quickly update their estimates and complete the status.  When team members make these changes, you are notified in the status risks tab.  Additionally, dashboard items such as the Burndown Projected, Burndown vs Actual Time and Time Estimate vs. Actual are updated to reflect the changes.

Task decomposition With any project, one of the most important things you can do to accurately monitor the project is to decompose large tasks into smaller tasks.  Large tasks are harder to monitor than small tasks, as it takes much longer to recognize when they are not going as planned.  Timeless Project Tracking uses this more detailed information to more accurately show your progress and give you a chance to take corrective measures.

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- d. reichard, project management consultant

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