Using Anyone and User group assignments

Assigning to Anyone When you don't know exactly who will be accomplishing a task, you can assign it to Anyone.  As it sounds, Anyone assignments can be worked on and completed by anyone with permissions to the work item.  Timeless Project Tracking also has User Group assignments for when you know it will be worked on and completed by a specific set of individuals.

But, there is another user for Anyone and User group assignments. During the early stages of project planning you often don't know specifically who will perform the work.  But you do know it must be done and how long it should take.  By creating the assignment early you get the benefits of tracking how the scope of your project changes over time. When you want to assign it to a specific individual, you can reassign it by editing the assignment.  This maintains the continuity of your project plan.

One note about Anyone assignments.  By default individuals will not see anyone assignments in their To do list or in the My Assignments tab of Timeless Project Tracking.  To view Anyone assignments, individuals should change their User Options to Include Assignments for 'Anyone' in my work.

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